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Michael Raymond-James Talks About Playing Britt – A Low-Rent PI on FX Trading

Raymond-James Well, that's interesting. That's a cool point. I think, yes, first of all there's this sort of breezy freedom to Britt and Britt is certainly the kind of dude who just lives on his impulses and there's a sort of forced march towards maturity that we're undertaking for my character in this first season, which inhibits some of that. But I think it's one of those things where the skill set was analogous to what I used to do as a B&E thief.

I'm able to use some of those skills and get that out of my system by taking my ninja powers to the good side. You know what I mean? So I think that while you may very well be right that there is sort of this perpetual draw to the dark side, even if its just for kicks as opposed to any sort of nefarious; I don't think either of these two guys, Hank or Britt, ever want to hurt anybody, but there's certainly a high associated with the high jinks of breaking into a high security situation.

Michael Raymond-James What drew me to the role? It was the writing. It's always about the script and initially I didn't know too much about attachments or anything like that I just opened it up and started reading and was drawn to the writing and the opportunity to play a character that people may actually root for was sort of a nice little change. But once it was sort of – I was told that it was going to be Shawn Ryan and Ted Griffin and, of course, Craig Brewer and Donal it was just sort of a no-brainer. FX Trading

I've known Donal and Craig for a while and the opportunity to work with those guys again and then to jump into bed, so to speak, with Shawn Ryan and Ted Griffin was just something I didn't want to miss the opportunity for.

Raymond-James Oh, God. Well, first of all, the cast of Terriers is fantastic, such great, great people and really talented actors. Donal and I's sort of bromance has been well publicized, but other actors like Laura Allen is just brilliant and she's so good in the show and as the season goes on she gets to go pretty deep and it's just amazing to just sort of watch as another actor, as somebody who really digs acting it's really cool to be in that kind of presence.

Rockmond Dunbar is so solid and he's another really great actor and just so smooth and so solid and always knows what's going on and where he's going and what he needs to be doing. Jamie Denbo is just a firecracker who's always cracking me up. She's so funny and so good at the role of Maggie. Kim Quinn is just so free. Such a sort of hippy, spirited actress where she just sort of—she'll show up on set and it just seems effortless for her. But everybody associated with the show like Michael Gaston and Karina Logue just, man, everybody just steps up to the plate and hits it out of the park.

Winston? We had this sort of weird little love affair, man. The actor's name is Buster; I think it's important to point that out. His character's name is Winston, and Buster immediately sort of—you know they placed him in the truck for the first scene in the pilot and he immediately starting humping my leg. No, Hello, or anything, just there it is, man. This is how we're going to do it. He was a lot of fun to work with. Forex Trade Point

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